Independent technology to ensure sulfuric acid industry, energy conservation standards

Industry News
2018/11/21 19:28

"Twelve Five" is the sulfuric acid industry, energy-saving emission reduction, eliminate backward production capacity, and promote cleaner production, to achieve a crucial period of circular economy, exhaust gas treatment desulfurization, sulfuric acid catalyst, low-temperature heat recovery and other innovative measures will Objectives laid the foundation. This is July 11 in Nanjing, the National Chemical sulfuric acid and phosphorus fertilizer design center at the fourteenth annual meeting to pass the information.

"From October 1, 2013, sulfuric acid plant tail gas sulfur dioxide emissions from the current limit of 960 mg / m3 adjusted to 400 mg / cubic meter, which is the new national standard on the industry's most influential indicator." China's sulfuric acid industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Li Chong said. Association last year on the whole industry conducted a sulfur dioxide emissions thoroughly investigated, the results show that large-scale devices better than small and medium-sized devices, sulfur sulfuric acid plant is better than pyrite and smelting of sulfuric acid. Among them, sulfur dioxide sulfur dioxide emissions from large sulfur dioxide concentration of 500 mg / cubic meter, a small pyrite sulfuric acid and smelting sulfur dioxide emissions of sulfuric acid up to 800 mg / cubic meter, individual enterprises and even 1,000 mg / cubic meter, Industry emissions of sulfur dioxide emissions is not optimistic. In response to this situation, the National Chemical sulfuric acid and phosphate fertilizer design technology center consultant Zhang Yilin told reporters, select the appropriate exhaust gas desulfurization program, consider the replacement of catalysts and other technological measures is the top priority of the sulfuric acid business.

Reporter learned at the meeting, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, ultra-gravity desulfurization technology has been in the Juhua Co., Ltd. and Tongling Huaxing Chemical Co., Ltd. to achieve industrial applications. Among them, Tongling Huaxing exhaust sulfur dioxide concentration in the average value of 360.63 mg / cubic meter, lower than the new national standard of nearly 40 mg. Juhua transformation of the annual reduction of sewage charges after the 280,000 yuan, the absorption of sulfur dioxide used in the production of ammonium sulfite, ammonium bisulfite of about 1,300 tons, in the energy-saving emission reduction at the same time also achieved a cycle of development.

In addition to Topsoe from Denmark, the Shandong Aobao Chemical Group, South of the Group Research Institute and a number of domestic catalyst enterprises are also actively to the localization of technology to market.

Orbotech Chemical Group Co., Ltd. AS series catalyst in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, Shandong Shouguang, Anqiu and other places to add sulfuric acid plant, the successful implementation of the sulfur dioxide emission concentration of less than 400 mg / cubic meter of the new target.

As the only wet conversion catalyst with independent intellectual property rights in China, Vanadium catalyst developed by Nanhua Group Research Institute can replace expensive imported VK-WSA special catalyst.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that by the National Flue Gas Desulfurization Engineering Technology Research Center to provide technical support Hubei Daye Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. smelter 98 million tons / year sulfuric acid flue gas treatment plant in September 2011 smooth driving, Sulfur dioxide concentration of not more than 50 mg / cubic meter, tons of sulfuric acid to increase the direct cost of only 1 yuan. The project has been the National Development and Reform Commission as a "non - power industry flue gas desulfurization demonstration projects.

"Sulfuric acid exhaust gas desulfurization technology is currently the main catalyst technology, ammonia - acid method, high gravity method, sodium alkali method, the new catalytic method, active coke method, organic amine method, etc .. Desulfurization efficiency of more than 90% The sulfur dioxide can be less than 200 mg / cubic meter.Specific use of the technical program, sulfuric acid enterprises should be local conditions, comprehensive consideration of the maturity of the technology, the source of desulfurization, by-product outlet and investment operating costs and other economic issues. .

Not only do the work of pollutant emissions impressive, the reporter found that sulfuric acid in energy saving enterprises have also moved a lot of brains, low temperature heat recovery technology to improve the waste heat recovery technology to attract a lot of business attention.

"At present, there are more than 20 sets of devices using our low-temperature heat recovery technology in the 12 sets of equipment has been put into operation, acid mist concentration is basically 30 mg / standard cubic meters, the longest running time has been more than two Year. "Sinopec Nanjing Engineering Co., Ltd. Professor Zou Yushuang said.

"From the company's technology operation, the domestic low-temperature heat recovery technology is mature, the device is simple, short construction period, technical services timely and thoughtful, these are imported devices can not do, but also domestic technology in China for 2 years rapidly Promotion of the reasons. "Shandong Bo Fung Li Public Chemical Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Bin light that.

"New enterprises need a comprehensive comparison, choose a good conversion process, the catalyst, we must also consider the selection of appropriate exhaust gas recovery equipment, and strive to a one-time solution to sulfuric acid emissions standards compliance.Existing enterprises in a short time to develop transformation programs, To face the consequences of being eliminated. "Zhang said. At present, the output of large-scale sulfuric acid enterprises has been dominant. The data show that the top 10 enterprises of sulfur sulfuric acid production and the top 10 enterprises of smelting gas acid-making accounts for 49.3% and 49% of the total output respectively.

The forthcoming "industrial sulfuric acid unit product energy consumption limits" and is being developed in the "sulfuric acid industry clean production standards" will strictly control the production of sulfuric acid plant. To the "second five" at the end, China's sulfuric acid production capacity will jump to 100 million tons, the new technologies and new equipment will ensure that 90% to 95% of the production capacity to achieve energy-saving emission reduction targets.